What are Best Mattress sizes for your beds?

By | March 11, 2019

To buy a good mattress that guarantees your rest and take care of the health of your back it is important that your materials are of quality.

But do not be fooled by advertising or the phrases of the style “the best mattress for the whole family” or “the most advanced technology that will guarantee your rest”.

Many times paying more for something does not mean that you are going to do your job better and less in something as personal as a mattress. There are other essential aspects when choosing; do you know what they are?

Let’s see how these characteristics influence when choosing the option you need and the best mattresses of each type.

Mattress size

Mattress sizes the length will depend on your height. To ensure your comfort, the mattress should measure 10 – 15 cm more than you. If you go to sleep two, the highest person is the one who will serve as a reference.

Finally, the width depends on two fundamental aspects: if you sleep alone or you will be two, and space you have in the room. In general, the wider the mattress, the more comfortable you are to sleep.

It is normal to have between 135 and 160 cm. If you do not have space problems in the room, you can even consider the option of a King size bed (200 cm x 200 cm). These beds are ideal for couples who move a lot during the night or if your children like to sleep with you in bed.


There is a simple test so you can see if the mattress is wide enough: if you like both of you on the bed face up, you should be able to put your hands under your head with your elbows open and not touch you. This guarantees enough space so as not to disturb you during the night when changing your posture.

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